What is Bizzio?

Imagine an upgraded LinkedIn page and now think broader.

A unique opportunity to connect with local and global businesses, entrepreneurs and experts worldwide.

We do this by combining the most useful elements of traditional business clubs with advanced digital technology and modern techniques

to keep you connected, informed, and up-to-date with new business, networking opportunities, and extraordinary tools.

Essentially fusing the two major ideas

an elite business club, made into a social platform, where you'll be able to connect with, and nurture the professional relations you've been able to acquire.

What is Bizzio for?

  • Have you ever found yourself in a position where you simply did not have enough information to make a sound decision, and you would've given it all to have someone to guide you through it?
  • Or perhaps your company's still in its start-up stage, and all you lack is the connections to market it forward.
  • Perhaps you need to establish your credibility or just expand your reach
  • You could just be a regular Joe, looking for a product or service from one of the businesses in the roster, or looking to improve on your own skills, and learn anything and everything you can from experts in their respective fields.
  • Who knows, perhaps you'll even land a job position. With an immense talent pool present on the networking platform, scouting positions and employees is easier than it ever was.

What you get?

Visual candy

The invite only system allows us to approve, and through this, connect only leaders, experts, and business people that are trustworthy

share a growth mindset, and understand the value of connected power through networking.

An integrated wallet, a paying system, page builders to promote your events, services and products, donations, pre-existing professional groups, collaborations, and much much more

available on the same all-in-one platform

A truly fast-growing community, connecting B2B, B2C, and C2C business models

that you need to be a part of, if you want to scale your business.

Visual candy

Beta platform

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New features in progress

Special offers


Real Estate Investments


Talent pool

Bizzio Originals

Bizzio Originals events and streams are produced with the in-house content team and in partnership with key guests.


Revolucija vodenja - kaj naredi pravega vodja

Branko Žunec x Bizzio

"Danes je z nami Branko Žunec, strokovnjak na področju vodilnega managementa, direktor Družbe za odličnost, lastnik znamke BMC International ter avtor knjige “Revolucija vodenja...”.


Every two weeks

Host-based online talk show with different inspiring guests.


Once a month

Gathering with 2-3 hour educational programme followed by an after party.

Events and Products

Business is all about meeting the right people, at the right time, and in the right place. Our events enable you to do just that.

Each of the events hosted by Bizzio provide members with the opportunity to develop better and more relevant business relationships to positively impact your organization.

Moreover, by gathering the most influential people at the forefront of their profession from across the world to share their knowledge and insights, enable members to be inspired, learn something new, and take away at least one key message that will help them improve the way they run their businesses.

Events can be created, and marketed by businesses, but can be bought and attended by businesses and users alike, even with the free package.

Partners and Sponsors

Become a sponsor or an exhibitor, and connect with your target market including business leaders and decision-makers.