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Basic information about North Cyprus

This article highlights some key information and basic statistics about the North Cyprus.

North Cyprus, officially the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), is a self-declared state that covers the northern third of the mediterranean island of Cyprus. Here are some basic information and statistics about North Cyprus:

  • Population: As of 2021, the estimated population of North Cyprus is around 326,000.

  • Capital: The capital of North Cyprus is Nicosia, which is divided between the north and south of the island by the Green Line.

  • Language: The official languages of North Cyprus are Turkish and Turkish Cypriot. English is widely spoken and understood in the tourist industry and by many young people.

  • Currency: The official currency of North Cyprus is the Turkish lira. Euro and US dollars are also widely accepted in tourist areas.

  • Economy: The economy of North Cyprus is primarily driven by the service sector, with tourism being the largest industry. Other important sectors include agriculture, light industry, and the public sector.

  • Education: North Cyprus has a well-developed education system, with several universities and colleges, many of which offer courses in English.

  • Religion: The majority of the population in North Cyprus is Muslim, with a significant minority of Christians and other religious groups.

  • Climate: North Cyprus has a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters. Average temperatures in the summer months (June-August) range from 30-35°C (86-95°F), while in the winter months (December-February), temperatures range from 10-15°C (50-59°F).

  • Transportation: The main mode of transportation in North Cyprus is by road, with a network of well-maintained roads connecting the major towns and cities. Taxis and buses are also available. There are two airports in North Cyprus - Ercan Airport and Larnaca Airport (located in South Cyprus).

  • Politics: North Cyprus is a semi-presidential representative democratic republic. The president is the head of state, and the prime minister is the head of government.

  • International recognition: North Cyprus is recognized only by Turkey. The United Nations, European Union, and most countries do not officially recognize North Cyprus as a separate state.

Overall, North Cyprus is a small, culturally diverse country with a well-developed tourism industry and a growing economy. The country is a popular destination for visitors looking to explore the island's rich history and culture, relax on some of the Mediterranean's most beautiful beaches, and enjoy the warm climate and natural scenery.



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